Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques

Book Overview

Don't let the name scare you into thinking that CLNRT is some very complicated system regarding Quantum Physics. Well, it IS Quantum Physics... but Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques are actually quite easy.

Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques Manual (CLNRT) by Dr. Andrew K. Hall

Dr. Hall was interested in some of the Applied Kinesiology (AK) techniques that were becoming popular when he graduated from Chiropractic College in 1975. Dr. Hall read some of the texts written by the AK doctors of the time. He attended a few classes and workshops by Dr. Richard Prest and learned about the Cranial Reflex System.

Using pressure on the specific points on the head could make a tight muscle relax, and normalize the 'resting potential' of the particular muscle that was being targeted. The results were fair-to-good. Dr. Hall was taught how to test a particular muscle, treat the patient, and re-test. Of course, this was decades before the FDA gave clearance for the use of laser therapy in the United States.

What wasn't known then, was that the body has a hologram on the head that contains the cranial reflexes. Huh? Yes, you read that correctly — a hologram. As it happens, a hologram is affected by coherent light, which is what a laser beam is, and lasering the appropriate cranial reflex releases the muscle quickly and very efficiently. It's totally painless for the patient and easy on the doctor, too. Hey, Dr. Hall's been in practice 49 years!

The future in the healing arts is with use of laser therapy. And the future has just arrived.

The Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques manual will allow you to pin-point the area of discomfort in your patient and bring about almost immediate relief from pains and strains -- Dr. Andrew Hall shows you how in his well-illustrated cranial guide. Simply follow the map.

Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques
  2. Theory and Application
    1. The Head and Neck
      1. Neck Flexors
      2. Neck Extensors
      3. Levator Scapulae
      4. Trapezius (Middle & Lower)
      5. Trapezius (Upper)
      6. Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
      7. SternoCleidoMastoid
      8. Occipitalis / Internal Occiput
    2. The Arm and Shoulder
      1. Biceps Brachii
      2. Brachioradialis
      3. Deltoid
      4. Triceps
      5. Subscapularis
      6. Opponens Pollicis
    3. Upper Back and Chest
      1. Pectoralis Sternalis
      2. Pectoralis Clavicular
      3. Serratus Anterior
      4. Teres Major
      5. Teres Minor (Infraspinatus)
      6. Supraspinatus
      7. Rhomboids
      8. Diaphragm
    4. The Low Back, Pelvis & Abdomen
      1. Sacrospinalis / Erector Spinae
      2. Quadratus Lumborum
      3. Gluteus Maximus
      4. Gluteus Medius
      5. Piriformis
      6. Latissimus Dorsi
      7. Psoas Major/Iliacus
      8. Rectus Abdominis
      9. Transverse Abdominis
    5. The Lower Extremity
      1. Tensor Fascia Lata
      2. Adductors
      3. Gracilis / Sartorius
      4. Quadriceps
      5. Hamstrings
      6. Gastrocnemius & Soleus
      7. Anterior Tibialis
      8. Popliteus
  3. Muscle Testing Instructions
  4. Neurolymphatic Release Points at a glance
  5. Color Coded Index

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The author has done his best to provide useful and accurate information but some of these procedures are a work in progress and undergo regular updates. You are encouraged to join the CLRNT mailing list after your order to keep up-to-date on future developments, products and services.