Cranial Laser & Neurolymphatic Release Techniques

See CLNRT in action in this video demonstration
See CLNRT in action!

If you want to experience dramatic pain reduction for your patients in seconds, this brand new CLNRT Manual is for you!

CLNRT (Cranial Laser and Neurolymphatic Release Technique) is a system designed to return the muscles of the body back to normal tone within a matter of seconds. With the use of a simple handheld 5mW or 10mW pen laser this technique is easy to learn and easy to apply. Any health care professional will be able to follow these simple instructions.

After trying this system you will have to agree that the results are astounding! Every day you can witness this jaw-dropping pain relief. This 72 page, full-color, illustrated manual will show you how. You WILL be very pleased with the results!

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